Package Bank Accounts

Do I have a package bank account?

Package bank accounts are special accounts that have a fee associated with them. For this fee you receive a number of services, these could be any or all of the following:

Insurance Products

Insurance products will include items such as Breakdown Insurance for your car, Travel Insurance, Mobile Phone Insurance and Gadget Cover.

Lifestyle Products

Lifestyle products could include items such as Early access to special events such as concerts, Cinema Tickets and Magazine Subscriptions.

Preferential Access to Financial Services

Some banks will give clients who purchase Package Bank Accounts lower interest rates, overdrafts and also Mortgages.

These benefits seem excellent on face value, however, far too many consumers have discovered they have been paying for something they are unable to claim for.

Were you miss-sold?

Beyond Comparison Claims can assess your claim and advise if we believe you have been miss-sold a package bank account. Our team knows where the banks have cut corners or not advised you as they should have. Get in touch for us to start your claim. You may have been miss-sold for one or more of the following reasons.

Informed of Upgrade?

In some cases standard accounts were upgraded to package bank accounts without knowledge of the consumer. If you did not agree to an upgrade this could be you.

Conditions of Claiming?

Especially in the case of Insurances there are often specific eligibility criteria a consumer has to meet. For example travel insurance usually has an age limit. Were you informed of these criteria?

Told about the cost?

Was the extra cost that you paid on a monthly basis made clear to you and was it affordable for you? If not then it's possible that you were miss-sold.

Registration of Items?

In the case of gadget and phone insurance consumers have to register individual items to qualify for the insurance. Without doing this you would not have been covered, were you aware?

Approved for Finance?

Banks are not allowed to imply that a Package Bank Account could improve or guarantee your chance of getting Finance. If this was a reason you upgraded then you could have been miss-sold.

What do I receive?

A typical claim results in a settlement of around £876, can be completed completed in 8 weeks and will be paid directly to you. Our simple process is described below.

Averages above taken from the previous 12 months of PBA wins for Beyond Comparison Claims Clients ending on 17th March 2017.

Step 1

We will discuss your circumstances and establish if you have a valid claim. According to the regulators, around 1 in 5 people have a valid claim for their miss-sold account.

Step 2

If we believe you have a valid claim we will start the process of contacting your bank. Our claims team will detail the specific regulations that the bank has breached.

Step 3

Once we have managed to secure a settlement for you we will arrange for the bank to make payment to you. We will then invoice you our fee.